The moment I realized I was an amputee was terrifying!

My journey began like many others with 1000's of questions running through my head and nobody to answer them.

It's not a secret!

In the limb loss community, we often feel like we are carrying the weight of the world on our very shoulders.

We often feel defeated by that weight.
That weight can suffocate any positive thoughts.
That pressure can crush your dreams.
That burden can ruin your relationships.

So how do we shed the weight and fight back against crippling anxiety, devastating depression and our own social demise?

By focusing on the 5 KEYS!

The 5 Keys isn't some fad

The 5 Keys isn't hocus pocus

The 5 KEYS are the 5 main parts of life

Mind, Body, Relationships, Daily Tools and Money

Using my personal experiences and many others
On live video I discuss ways to regain control over each KEY

Ways to become happier
Ways to become healthier
Ways to create closer bonds
Ways to use daily tools. 
Ways to make more money!

This group is for any amputee looking to maximize their life!

Battling depression?
let us help!

Need to lose weight?
Let's set up a call!

Struggling with your relationships?
I'm here for you!

Prosthetic being problematic?
Let's get to the bottom of it!

Financial Difficulties?
Let's evaluate your capabilities!

I am Committed and Energized to making a difference in your life!

It's your decision to stay where you are in life or make big moves to better yourself every single day.

Nobody can make that decision for you.

"Man himself is the shaper of his own environment."
"The creator of his own destiny."

Who will you be?

If you’re interested in this type of guidance join me and the rest of the group on the 5 Keys Path!

 We will be with you every step of the way!


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